Alfred Malone

Front-End Developer

About Me

Who I am

My name is Alfred Malone a front-end web developer based in Auburn, Alabama. Currently I am going to school for Web Design and Development at Southern New Hampshire University. I started designing websites as a hobby when I built my first desktop. At the time I wanted to explore the world of code and apply my own ideas to create something unique. Since then I have been sharpening my skills and have recently decidied to turn this into a career with a few other friends at Painless Web Solutions.

My interests

Hobbies: Gaming, Drumset, Guitar

Goals: To become a Full Stack Web Developer

Projects: Stock Lookup, Tech For Cheap

Tools of choice


HTML is the starting foundation of a website. With it I structure the site to perfection. Using html to improve SEO.


With CSS I use bootstrap as foundation for complex and customizable projects as well as Materialize for material designs that appeal to the viewer. From their I use custom css to make the site unique.


JS is a powerful language used to make websites come to life. With JS I create a interactive user experience with dynamic functionality. Curently I am working with React JS.